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Ramadan Digital Advertising Cheat Sheet

The holy month of Ramadan brings about a complete change in the patterns of consumption, not just in terms of meals but digital media as well. During Ramadan, people spend more time online on their phones than any other period, with internet usage in the UAE sitting at 94%, and Saudi Arabia 98%. With Ramadan just weeks away, the race is on for brands to connect with people deeply, authentically and in a manner that stands out in the busiest ad season of the year. Google research shows that standout Ramadan content that connects with audiences can boost viewership and drive decisions for the rest of the year. But planning a great marketing campaign alone won’t cut it. For exceptional results, brands need a well-rounded marketing strategy. With shorter working hours and a strong social component, there is a marked shift in online behavior during Ramadan. Executed well, Ramadan marketing can reap significant rewards. Brands can reach out to customers – gently – and make meaningful connections that last a lifetime. Google MENA has released a cheat sheet guide that highlights steps at each stage: the importance of data-driven insights with a focus on industry trends that lead to audience profiles, building a creative strategy and lastly media buying and performance.

Here are Google's Step by Step insights and recommendations to make your Ramadan Digital Advertising campaign a success:

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