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LinkedIn Marketing 



This MasterClass is designed for marketers, entrepreneurs and professionals to help you learn how to work efficiently and effectively within LinkedIn’s marketing platform to increase brand awareness & generate leads for the business.

  • Learn to Leverage LinkedIn for B2B marketing

  • Extensive Learning - Workshops - Group Exercises

  • Unique Methodology - Case Studies - Live Demonstration 

  • Certified Trainer - Google Partner Academy Trainer 

  • Program Content as per Industry Requirements  

8 Hours

Certification Partners:


Linkedin Marketing Masterclass

This course gives you the opportunity to use LinkedIn to facilitate effective marketing brand awareness, knowledge transfer and customer engagement in a supportive environment. By the end of the course, you will discover the foundations of producing a compelling profile and tools to build strong networks that will raise your brand profile, run campaigns to target business professionals & generate leads for your brand. 

Through a series of workshop exercises, you will gain the knowledge and techniques to become an advanced user, propel your organization's LinkedIn marketing activity and increase your brand engagement.



LinkedIn Marketing MasterClass

Introduction: Building Profile on LinkedIn

  • Learn how to optimize your profile and build your network

  • Increase your first degree networks to raise your profile

  • Set objectives and optimize your personal and organizations LinkedIn presence

Module 1: LinkedIn Company Strategy

  • Create Company Business page on LinkedIn

  • Strategies to optimize the company page

  • Content Strategies to optimize Company page


Module 2: LinkedIn Campaign Strategy

  • Key Considerations for an Awareness Campaign

  • Key Considerations for a Consideration Campaign

  • Key Considerations for a Conversion Campaign

Module 3: Targeting and Audiences

  • Building Audiences natively in LinkedIn

  • Rules around native audiences

  • Data-Driven Marketing on LinkedIn 


Module 4: Campaign Execution & Delivery

  • Defining LinkedIn Campaign Objectives

  • LinkedIn Campaign Structure

  • Conversion tracking

  • Remarketing & Sequenced Messaging

  • Lead Gen Forms

  • Media Budget Planning

Module 5: Content Strategies 

  • Creating content for LinkedIn Articles

  • Creating engaging content for Company Pages

  • Creating actionable Ads


Upon completion of the course, you’ll have gained the skills to:

  • Essential jargon, the key channels, and the underlying principles of LinkedIn

  • How to put together a LinkedIn marketing strategy

  • Target relevant audiences and build audience lists

  • How to set KPIs for your LinkedIn marketing activity

  • Create a LinkedIn campaign to meet business objectives

  • How to effectively plan your email marketing campaigns

  • Optimize your LinkedIn campaigns to improve efficiency

  • Use Campaign Manager to report on the metrics that matter

  • Analytics: what to measure and how to manage


Jeyhun Efendi

Senior VP Commercial Operations, FlyDubai

Professional Certification in Digital Marketing is a great course for starter - mid-range knowledge person. 

Rehab Sharif

CEO & Founder

WhiteDeal Bahrain & GCC

I recommend and certainly encourage others to attend Professional Certification in Digital Marketing Training from Inc Academy. Gaurav is So Good & So Knowledgable. 

Sarah Thomas

Head of Marketing

Fitness First Middle East

I really enjoyed the training. I am confident that I can build my learnings into our business strategy. Gaurav has excellent knowledge & good delivery method.

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