Why you should NOT join Inc Academy

Not all courses are created equal and not all courses will be suitable for you. If you resonate with any of the following scenarios, Inc Academy Programs might simply not the best fit for you.

Inc Academy is a very reputed and well established training business. We care for your experience & money you are investing in training.

So we want to keep it very transparent, you Should NOT join Inc Academy:

1). If you DON'T want Practical Experience and are looking for only Theoretical Knowledge.

Simply put, no one can teach you to swim or drive a vehicle, without practical experience? It is impossible! You have to get into the water to learn swimming and you have to be out on the road to learn driving. Creating Digital Marketing strategy and campaigns is the same, you have to do it yourself in a course that is practice oriented.

About 10 years ago, a friend of mine approached me for Marketing Consultancy for his start-up. Despite having a Marketing MBA from one of the leading business schools in the world, he could barely do marketing for himself.

What he needed was customers – NOW.

He needed SEO, Search Engine Advertising, online lead generation – none of which was discussed in his MBA, laden as it was with theoretical knowledge and case-studies on US and European blue-chip brands.

A few years later my friend had created a business with millions in revenues – with practical, actionable marketing strategies I made, with 100% focus on return on investment.

This is the story and philosophy I have carried to every Brand/Business I work with, and every course I deliver. Doing Digital Marketing successfully is all about using practical knowledge to acquire the right customer, on the right platform, with the right message, at the right time. And that’s what we teach at Inc Academy, with little or no theory and 100% practical and experiential learning -with live demonstrations, hands-on training and region-specific case studies.

2). If you DON'T Like Learning in Interactive Sessions, which promotes open exchange of ideas

Our participants come from different countries, from varied background and job roles, and different industries. Throughout the course, we encourage an open exchange of ideas and the discussions and case studies are chosen as per the audience sitting in the room, the discussions are initiated based on the unique problems each one of the participants faces in their marketing or customer acquisition. The discussions and friendships are often carried forward out of the ‘Classroom’, over groups and brainstorming sessions!

As educators, we have had the opportunity to teach in both Online and Classroom-based Course formats.

While Online does provide flexibility of schedule, the lack of motivation to get up and show up and limited interactivity of the format takes away the fun of learning something new.

3). If you DON'T want to Learn & Just want a break from work

Our Courses DO NOT require or mandate a prior marketing or digital marketing experience or knowledge. But, what you DO require is to come with an open mind to absorb information and insights – not just about doing digital, but doing it right by creating the most effective campaigns and strategy – with minimum wastage and maximum ROI.

Upskilling requires a desire to learn and grow. If you know what skills you need to acquire, it helps you with career progression and puts you in a more competitive position in your company. But if you don’t know what you don’t know, and are satisfied with your current role, job and skills, our Programs are not meant for you.

We have hosted candidates as young as 17 and as veteran as 72 years young, and the diversity of audience only adds value to the experience that our alumni take back from Inc Academy. Constant upskilling is the new normal for anyone hoping to stay relevant in an increasingly dynamic business environment.

4). If you are JUST looking for Certificates & DON'T Need Knowledge

Unfortunately, without the knowledge, all certification offer no real value other than a piece of paper with no real weight behind it.

While a Certification will give you an advantage in your industry and job market, It’s only real practical knowledge that will improve your marketing performance, and give you tools to succeed in interviews AND on the job.

While all our Courses come with industry relevant and globally recognized Certifications, our focus in the classroom is to share real, actionable practical knowledge that makes you a BETTER digital marketer and not just a certified digital marketer.


If you do not resonate with the above reasons of why NOT to join Inc Academy, and are interested in a no-theory, no-frill, practical digital marketing course to upskill and gain a competitive advantage, you might be interested to read 7 Compelling reasons to join Inc Academy.

These are honest views of Inc Academy's lead trainer Gaurav Oberoi

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