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Low to No Search Volume Keywords: Should You Choose SEO or PPC?


If there is one puzzle that has been boggling search engine marketers for a long time, it is “Whether to choose SEO or PPC?” This jigsaw puzzle becomes more pertinent for the industries that suffer from the “low to no search volume keywords” syndrome. According to Jupiter Research (a Forrester Research Company), 81% of users find their desired destination through a search engine. Therefore, it is recommended for all businesses, big or small, to have a powerful online presence on the search engines to get found by their target audience.

Have you ever come across a client with a critical problem – Since no one looks for a Business like mine online, perhaps I don’t need to Learn digital Marketing at all. And that, my offline sales reps do all the sales for the niche industry I work in.”.

However, it’s not imperative for any business to completely overlook Digital. Let’s say you work in construction material business in which people might google to do price comparison of different materials, but prefer to shop from their local vendors only.

There could be two possible scenarios in case your business falls in this category:

  1. The product/service is niche and demand for the same needs to be created.

  2. The product/service is primarily bought and sold offline and therefore it’s not searched for online.

For the scenario (1) in which customers do not reach the business, the latter needs to reach out to the former on order to build a market and generate demand.

This also implies something else from a digital marketing lens. We can strategize the digital marketing campaigns intelligently. Since the no to low search volume keywords pose low competition, it’s much easier to rank on the top in the search results. Nevertheless, since there are low search volumes and even if you manage to secure the top position, it’s not going to fetch you any or significant results as there are no users looking out for your products online. No website visitors, no leads and hence no conversions.

So as not to miss making digital footprints, a smarter approach can be to opt for Content and Display Advertising. You can run ads in your own budget on relevant platforms such as LinkedIn depending on the industry you work in. You can control costs with cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) pricing options.

But what do we do with low search volumes, should we ignore them?

The answer to this is “No”. You still have a smarter approach available at your disposal. You can run PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads for your target audiences at much lower budgets as compared to SEO and still have much better conversion rates. Research says that paid search results are 1.5x more likely to convert click through from the search engines. Other two factors that work in favor of PPC ads are their:

  • Speed

  • Expansiveness

PPC ads can also be instrumental in help you putting your brand in front of your target audience and build brand awareness especially if you have just launched your company. Such vast exposure cannot be fetched by SEO in the first place since it’s a long game. Also, PPC works great for product companies as compared to services company.


First, the world is moving towards Digital Transformation, we all (including your business) need Digital. Next, PPC ads work better to SEO in case of low to no search volume keywords.

What are you waiting for? Build a relevant copy; club it with good visuals; create a PPC ad (content / Display), build holistic campaigns; put your brand in front of your target audiences to create a strong impact; and also acquire customers.


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