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Digital Marketing & Technology Training Programs

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Join our Professional Certification in Digital Marketing Training Program to gain 360-degree knowledge about Digital Marketing concepts & amplify your career path in the most advanced economy - Internet Economy.

Social Media Masterclass gives you a brief understanding of Social Media Strategy for Businesses. Starting from content creation to social media advertising.

16 Hours

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Brand 'Me'

Finding you is easy now, your first impression is no more personal, it is social. Your prospective employers judge you and build perception about you through your online presence. Convert Perception into a 'BRAND'. You as a Brand - 'Brand Me'

16 Hours


Faculty Development Programs

Our Faculty Development Programs are aimed at enhancing digital marketing skill-set and training capabilities of marketing course educators. The program enables the participants to develop competence in understanding recent advances in Digital Marketing, to improve pedagogies and to better presentation skills to become effective marketing faculty. 

The program ultimately trains the trainers to build upon their capabilities & independently deliver digital marketing sessions in the university.

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