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Digital Marketing 



If you are a complete beginner and intend to expand your skills & gain expertise in the field of Digital Marketing, this program is perfect for you. 



  • Basics of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Google Analytics 

  • Extensive Learning - Workshops - Group Exercises

  • Unique Methodology - Case Studies - Live Demonstration 

  • Certified Trainer - Google Partner Academy Trainer 

  • Program Content as per Industry Requirements  

12 Hours

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Digital Marketing Certification

Digital Marketing can be a confusing place full of acronyms, jargon and constant change. This course aims to cover the absolute fundamentals of digital marketing from search and mobile, to social and metrics.

You'll check how you much you already know, grasp some stuff you never properly understood before and, no doubt, identify some areas you’ll want to go into more deeply in the future. It aims to stimulate, inform and inspire. You will finish the day with your head buzzing with new terminology, ideas, and strategies.


Digital Marketing Certification Course

Introduction: The Digital Marketing landscape

  • Where are we now? How did we get here? What's changing?

  • Current trends, challenges, and opportunities

  • Digital Marketing Planning - a strategic approach


Search Engine Marketing (SEO and PPC)

  • How search engines work

  • Keyword research analysis and tools

  • SEO: Link building techniques and how they help your rankings

  • Pay-Per-Click advertising: the essentials

  • Optimizing your AdWords campaign (keywords, bid strategy, ad copy and creative) for maximum ROI

Social Media Marketing

  • The ‘Big Four’: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

  • How Instagram and Pinterest fit into the social media landscape

  • The impact of Mobile Messaging Apps: WhatsApp & Snapchat

  • Social listening and sentiment analysis

  • Getting hands-on: Organising Social Media: internal structures/ responsibilities, workflows

  • A strategic approach to social media


Email Marketing

  • An overview of the email marketing today; what is it best for?

  • The role of ESPs (email service providers)

  • Segmenting your database: eCRM

  • Increasing your open and click-through rates

  • Email design & development do's and don'ts

  • Mobile: the savior of email marketing


What's New? What's Next?

  • A look ahead to the (near) future in Digital Marketing


Following this training course you will have a better understanding of:


  • Essential digital marketing jargon, the key channels, and the underlying principles

  • How to put together a digital marketing strategy

  • How to set KPIs for your online marketing activity

  • Integrated Search Marketing strategies

  • Social Media marketing in a business context

  • How to effectively plan your email marketing campaigns

  • Online display advertising networks and banner formats

  • Mobile apps, mobile web, and location-based services

  • Analytics: what to measure and how to manage


Jeyhun Efendi

Senior VP Commercial Operations, FlyDubai

Professional Certification in Digital Marketing is a great course for starter - mid-range knowledge person. 

Rehab Sharif

CEO & Founder

WhiteDeal Bahrain & GCC

I recommend and certainly encourage others to attend Professional Certification in Digital Marketing Training from Inc Academy. Gaurav is So Good & So Knowledgable. 

Sarah Thomas

Head of Marketing

Fitness First Middle East

I really enjoyed the training. I am confident that I can build my learnings into our business strategy. Gaurav has excellent knowledge & good delivery method.


Who is this course for?

This course benefits various levels of skill and experience and will empower you to maximize the impact of your marketing through powerful digital tools.


  • This entry-level course attracts attendees looking to develop a broad understanding of the dynamic world of digital marketing.

  • Typical attendees have little or no prior knowledge of digital marketing.

  • Students or Interns or Anyone looking to pursue a career in digital marketing


Will I get a job after this program?

We are recognized for our quality and project based approach. We often get emails from our industry friends seeking trained resoures for their teams. While we surely recommend or refer our candidates to good opportunities we come across. We do not guarantee any placement. 

I am not an Engineer and don't know technology such as a programming language. Will I be able to do this digital marketing course?

You don't need to know technology at all or come from engineering/technical background or even an MBA to be successful in digital media.

I don't know anything about Digital Marketing. Will I be able to successfully complete this digital marketing course?

Yes, we don't assume that you have any prior knowledge about digital marketing. This is a basic program which will give you an overview of Digital Marketing landscape so that you can start planning your career in this field. 

Will I get any Certificate after completing the program?

Upon completing the course you would be provided with Participation Certificate

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