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Raghda Al Shabibi

Marketing Specialist

Fujairah Aviation Academy

How has the marketing division evolved, since you joined?

It had enlightened our mind and led us to a more easy, smooth way of advertising. We started believing on the variety of digital marketing, leaving the traditional methods behind and direct our focus to online marketing for it saves a lot of time, effort and cost.


We changed the required qualification of the marketing officer, to be an office working type with a computer rather than doing outgoing work.

How do you see the growth in Demand of Digital Marketing professionals in the industry? What are the key skills which you would like to see in the candidate while hiring?

The current market gives a huge opportunity to the Digital Marketing Specialist to twist or change the company current marketing strategies to cope up with the latest marketing activities. If we look from today onward the companies will never require a high level of Marketing Managers to be hired to get the better result they will just require an applicant with excellent Digital Marketing skills.


The important things which can add a good skill to the applicants are creativity and are able to utilize the available resources to send the company's message to the customers. As we know that the products or services have different targets and consumers which the marketing person have to identify and promote them in a unique way.

What is your advice for newbies, seeking to build a career in Digital Marketing industry?

To be passionate about creating new, unique content that serves the company's market demand and is entertaining enough to get a positive impression from the audience.

According to you, what are the top 2 challenges faced by organizations in leveraging Digital Marketing?


- How to gain the rightful audience and keep them interested

- How to utilize digital marketing tools efficiently

Any case study or campaign (executed by you or your company) which you will like to share with the audience.


None For never having the need of a Marketing Department not up until recently. All activities was done individually by the staff.


Tarek Reda, what would be your advice for people aspiring to be a part of or already are a part of Digital Industry.

"Purpose" is a term, which I use every now and then to corroborate a decision. "Purpose" helps me decide one channel vs the other or more spends vs less. Similarly, when one is wanting to be a part of this industry or is already a part, I hope he/she has done so not because Digital is the most exciting option right now, but because his/her digital career has a unique "Purpose" in his/her career path.

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