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We acknowledge the fact that most of the companies prefer to hire experienced digital marketing professionals.


It often leads to a chicken & egg situation where it is difficult to understand, what should happen first. How can someone gain experience if companies are reluctant to hire freshers? To make it easier for our candidates, at Inc Academy we try to provide 2 to 6 months project based internship opportunities to the candidates who complete the full course from Inc Academy.


The scope of work & project is decided based on the candidate’s area of expertizes and personal interview with the Inc Academy’s team.


If you want us to consider you for an internship based project, please follow the following procedure:


Step 1: Fill the application form 

Step 2: Complete your Course & Get certified

Step 3: Schedule an interview with the recruitment team


Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q1: What is the Eligibility Criteria for any project based internship?


  • You should have completed a full course from Inc Academy in the last 6 months

  • You should have a valid UAE visa


Q2: What will you get from the internship?

Apart from the experience of working with a highly qualified team, you will get a work experience letter from Inc Academy.


Q3: Will I be paid for the work?

It depends on the project you are a part of. Most of the projects don't have any stipend. 


Q4: Can I consider this a job offer?

No, please don’t consider this internship as a Job. 

Q5: Will I get a work visa from Inc Academy? 

We don’t provide you work visa, you should have a valid visa to be eligible for an internship.

Q6: Will I be required to come to the office? 

It would depend on the project you are assigned. Some projects can be managed virtually but some might require the candidates to come to the office occasionally. 

Q7: Which company would provide an Internship? 

Most projects are offered by Inc Academy and it's partners. Based on your skillset & interest, you would be assigned an internship project.

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