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Digital Key to Prospering in ‘We Economy’ - CDO Conclave

As Digital Marketing Consultant, I have been actively involved with a few organisations as their Virtual Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to consult them on their overall digital transformation strategy.

This is exactly what took me to CDO Conclave 2016 as one of their key speakers representing Dabur International Business head quartered in Dubai, UAE.


The topic I spoke on is very close to my heart because this is what I do on day to day basis as a Lead Digital Marketing Consultant. "Leading traditional companies are no longer thinking about using technology to transform themselves into digital businesses".

In my interview covered by Business Week ME, they highlighted one of my key statements:

The process of transforming a traditional company into one that makes the most of digital is a challenging process and one that requires a change in mindset. However, according to Gaurav Oberoi, it is one that is crucial to boosting profits and being part of the new economy.

Read Full Article on Business Week Me:

Highlight of my presentation was the slide, which you would have seen a million times in almost all board meetings and company presentations.

"We are Going Digital




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